“Brandon Harrison is a mainstay of the local slam poetry scene under the nom de plume “B Shatter.” - Eli Keel


  While known in the art community by several different call signs, this creative verbal genius, Brandon Harrison, is most affectionately know as “B Shatter.”  He has earned the name “B Shatter” for his ability to mesmerize audiences with his ability to touch on a various amount of subjects, all the while creating his own style of writing and performance on the stage with his hypnotic closing.   Whether he is performing a well thought out piece, or freestyling, the breadth of his performance guarantees him to shatter any venue.
            Brandon was reared in an environment of love with family and friends.  From an early age, his parents recognized his gift and the presence of heavenly angels protecting him, as a child. Being the son of military parents, he was blessed with the opportunity to tour the world domestically and internationally as they were relocated from place to place. 
            Brandon knew he was destined for greatness and his dreams were larger than he could articulate at such an early age and the imagination of what he would accomplish through his gift was far beyond what he could express at that time.  With this creative fire brewing down on the inside of him, he began writing at any early age following in the footsteps of his father by writing poems and stories to creatively convey his viewpoint of the movies depicted in his mind. The options with what he could write on were limitless!  
             In primary school, Brandon showed great interest in the love for sports and played flag and tackle football, along with baseball, faithfully.  By middle school, he had advanced in his sports and was on the track, baseball and basketball team.   He was in his church choir and danced on the praise team for his local assembly.  As school progressed, so did his talents and he learned to skillfully play the trumpet for his school band and danced with the step team.  
             By high school, Brandon added to the list of talents he had, while continuing to be active in his local assembly. During this time he had become and was completely immersed into his writing skills and developing his craft. He was in his school’s rendition of “A Raisin In The Sun” as the son, Travis Younger. He was a well-acclaimed anchor for his schools announcements and news segments and partial host for the open mics that happened quarterly.
             While many of Brandon’s friends were headed down a destructive path, his tenacity and focus was something to be revered.  At his local assembly, Brandon, along with his best friends collaborated and commenced a service dedicated to youth entitled “Souled Out Worship”.  The purpose of this group was to help convey the message of Christ to those who didn’t readily understand it in the more traditional sense.  It was used as an evangelist outreach effort to draw more youth into the church without them feeling guilt or shame about what they look like.  Due to the success of their efforts, he spearheaded another effort to form a step team that later replicated itself in other ministries across the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia metropolitan areas. His ministerial efforts were well received and well respected in so much that it lead to an opportunity to visit Brazil on a missionary trip.  
            Brandon continues to perfect his craft by taking on new challenges.  Since graduation in 2006, he has steadily worked in many different jobs across the country, seeing these as only a means to his greater end. In the last nine years he has been on HBO for doing his poetry on Austin’s Under21 Slam Poetry team, released three short chap books full of poems, is in the process of recording a live CD of his is verbal arts, has spoken at a litany of local elementary schools about how important education is and how to use poetry as a means to curb destructive behaviors and has performed at over a hundred venues across south ranging from Texas to North Carolina.  Although this started as a hobby for Brandon, it has evolved into his passion and is fueled by the desire within to express himself through this verbal art from. Currently Brandon lives in Louisville, KY and can be found collaborating with the many talented local artists or performing solo throughout the many venues in the area.